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Total Relaxation

Total Relaxation

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100% Natural & Vegan
This essence calms and soothes all the systems of the body, totally relaxing the physical, mental, and emotional being. For example, let’s look at the chemical process of anxiety. If you have a thought that creates anxiety, it triggers the defense mechanism of your body. Your body pumps adrenaline into your system. If you are not going to get up and kick something (I don’t suggest that you do that) then the adrenaline is internalized. It produces high levels of various chemicals in your brain. Your body then attempts to balance itself by pumping out chemicals like dopamine. The result of this is that you get a high level of anxiety and tension throughout your system. Rather then creating balance, it creates more anxiety and tension. This essence disrupts the pattern. It actually breaks the chain of events. When the adrenals start to pump a lot of adrenaline, this essence steps in, calms the adrenals, and dilutes the adrenaline in the system. The adrenaline does not trigger the chemical reaction in the brain. The effect of the essence is to calm and soothe the mind and the emotional body. If you are relaxed and calm in yourself, you are more receptive. You are more likely to do new and different things. The essence has an on going broadening effect. It can change how you interact with people, how you see the world, and how the world interacts with you.

On a physical level, this essence relieves physical discomfort and pain. The uniqueness of this essence is its resonance to cellular structure, and how it affects the actual cells of the body. For example, if someone has a sore muscle, and they put some of this essence on that sore muscle, while at the same time relaxing, it works like a topical anesthetic. It actually calms the muscle and the cramping sensation, and the discomfort dissipates. It has a dulling effect, and can be taken internally or applied externally. Mix it with your massage oils and rub into sore muscles to create a nerve blockage, or the discomfort block. For a toothache, place it directly on the tooth area for instant absorption and pain relief.

Ingredients: The life force collected from Rose Quartz, transferred into distilled water and preserved with grape alcohol.

Suggested Use: Take 3 drops, 3 times daily, or as directed.

Made in the USA by The Herb Stop
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