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Virgo Tea

Virgo Tea

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100% Natural

August 24th – September 23rd Birthday People

If your birthday falls between August 24th and September 23rd your astrological sign is Virgo, the sixth house of the Zodiac. Additionally, if your astrological chart shows many planets in Virgo, or if your Moon or Ascendant at the time of your birth were in Virgo you may also want to balance possible Virgo health conditions with herbs and natural remedies. Mercury is the planetary ruler, the communication planet. If you are not familiar with Astrology you may want to contact an astrologer or go to this website to find out about your birth chart:

Virgos have a tendency to have problems with the liver, solar plexus, the nervous system and the intestines. They may also have issues with the lungs, hips and the rectum. They may suffer from digestive and intestinal problems, hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding. Choose herbs and vibrational essences for Virgos that nourish the liver and bring it back to normal activity, soothe the nervous system, allay fear and heal the intestinal tract. Virgo herbs are ruled by Mercury and are good for those who are obsessive worriers leading to psychosomatic disorders. Mercury herbs support the digestive-, nervous-, and respiratory systems. Mercury herbs are: almond, bergamot, brazil nut, caraway, celery, dill, elecampane, fennel, fenugreek, filbert, flax, horehound, lavender, lemongrass, lemon verbena, lily of the valley, marjoram, mulberry, parsley, pecan, peppermint, pistachio, pomegranate, summer savory.

Virgos have a finely tuned nervous system, which can make them very sensitive and intuitive. Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, has dominion over the brain and the nervous system. This planet also controls the link between the mind and the functions of the body. Virgos have a tendency to worry themselves sick. They obsess over small details and find it hard to let things go. Virgos need good friends to talk to, to bounce off their problems, friends that help them see the bigger picture.

The following ingredients were carefully selected for Virgoans:

    • Citrus Rooibos Tea is an alkalizing and nutritive blend for nourishing the nervous system of the emotional Virgoan.
    • Skullcap balances excessive thinking for the headstrong Virgoan.
    • Marshmallow and Fennel soothe the delicate digestive system of the obsessively worried Virgoan .
    • Milk Thistle & Kiwi supports the liver and gallbladder of the sensible and analytical Virgoan.
    • Eleuthero and Oats strengthen the nerves and adrenals of the stressed and mentally oriented Virgoan.
    • Lemongrass fortifies the solar plexus of the patient and inhibited Virgoan.

Ingredients: Citrus Rooibos (Green Rooibos, Orange Peel, Marigold, Mangos, Apricots & Natural Orange/Lemon Flavor), Organic Milk Thistle, Organic Fennel, Organic Oat Straw, Organic Marshmallow Leaf, Organic Skullcap, Organic Eleuthero, Organic Lemongrass & Freeze Dried Kiwi Pieces.

      Suggested Use: Drink 1 cup as desired.

      Made in the USA by The Herb Stop

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