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Hoe Hin

White Flower Oil

White Flower Oil

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Other Names: White Flower Analgesic Balm
Traditionally used for sore muscles and joints.  Moves Qi, Relaxes the Sinews, Transforms and Disperses Phlegm, Opens the Orifices

Ingredients (Botanical): Gaultheria probumbens, Lavendula angustifolia oil, Eucalyptus globulus leaf-oil, Menthol, Camphor, Unlisted proprietary ingredients
Ingredients (Pin Yin): Dong lu you, Fen yi cao you, You jia li you, Bo he nao, Zhang nao, Unlisted proprietary ingredients

Suggested Use: Apply to affected areas, 3 x per day, or as directed.

1 bottle (1 oz)

Safety Guideline: For external use only.
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