Good Herbal Choices In August

Good Herbal Choices In August

Studying in August

August is the month when our children head off to college. To help them stay healthy and focused you may want to put together an herbal care package for them. College students are at risk for colds, flu, and other common ailments, as well as more serious conditions, such as depression and sleep disorders associated with pressure to perform. In addition, the high level of analytical thought and fact retention required for success in a University setting, an alert mind is essential for students. Herbs can be very helpful as a preventative, but can also be very effective in times of distress. 

Prevent Colds And Flu

To help students avoid the seemingly omnipresent cold and flu bugs circulating throughout campus, consider enhancing their immune system. Personal Immunity contains herbs to support the immune system and can be taken as a preventative for maintaining good health. This formula can also be taken right at the onset of a cold. For someone who already has a cold, the herbs in this formula are known to boost the immune system. Amalaki, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is very high in vitamin C. Because it is not acidic as any over the counter regular vitamin C, it does not cause symptoms of acidity in the body, such as canker sores! 

Shaking Off A Cold Or Flu

The popular herbal combination, Echinacea/Goldenseal still works great for colds, flu, sore throat, infections, and other immune deficiencies. Years ago when my son called me from college, telling me about his sore throat, congestion and fever, I told him to take ¼ oz of Sinus Drain extract every hour until his symptoms improved. He felt better within one hour and all symptoms were totally gone by the evening that same day. He continued taking the Sinus Drain, 30 drops three times daily for three days.

Thinking Straight

Staying alert is essential for students. There are healthy alternatives to highly caffeinated drinks. Rosemary, in the form of tea or extract, increases oxygen flow to the brain. This herb has long been used for poor memory, mental strain, and inability to concentrate, fatigue, low mental and physical energy. Here is a recipe for a delicious snack college kids can enjoy while studying:

Power Study Balls

Blend nut butter and honey in a medium-sized bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend well. Thicken the mixture with the Cacao powder and roll into balls. Place in a glass, or plastic, container that can be sealed tightly and store in the refrigerator, or in a cool place . Power Study Balls will “sharpen your brain”. 

For The Eyes

Studying under artificial light all day long can have a great strain on the eyes. Here are some ideas on how to strengthen the eyes. Bright Eyes Trail Mix can simply be chewed to strengthen the eyes, especially when they are dry. Eye Formula stimulates the optic nerve and increases blood flow to the eye area, excellent to use when the eyes are tired from long hours of reading.

Adapting to Stress And Dealing With Depression

Common sources of stress for college students include unfinished assignments that pile up, new room-mates, and test anxiety. Adaptogenic herbs can offer protection from stress-related ailments such as fatigue and frayed nerves. Adaptogens help the endocrine and nervous systems adapt to environmental, personal, chemical and biological stresses. My favorite adaptogen herb is Eleuthero or sometimes it is named Siberian Ginseng. Tranquil is a formula beneficial when faced with daily stress, depression and anxiety. It is known to balance and nourish the nervous system.

Sleeping Peacefully

Insomnia and restless sleep plague some college students. Oatstraw, Chamomile, Passionflower and Valerian are non-addictive herbs to help with a good night’s sleep.

Handling Hangovers

Hoping it doesn’t happen, some college students occasionally drink too much alcohol.  Milk Thistle protects the liver from alcohol damage. Ginger is an excellent remedy for an upset stomach and nausea. Nux vomica is a homeopathic remedy for hangovers.  Hangover Helper is an exceptional remedy for hangovers.

Other Situations

Fungal infections and athlete’s foot are very common in college due to sharing of bathrooms and showers. Fungal Fighter is an herbal extract that has shown to be effective for fungal infections and athlete’s foot.

August 23rd – September 22nd Birthday People

If your birthday falls between August 23rd and September 22nd your astrological sign is Virgo. Virgo people have a tendency to have problems with their liver and digestive system. Herbs and foods for Virgo nourish the liver and bring it back to normal activity, soothe the nervous system, allay fear and heal the intestinal tract: Almond, Brazil nut, Caraway, Celery, Dill, Fennel, Fenugreek, Filbert, Flax, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Parsley, Pecan, Peppermint, Pistachio, Pomegranate, Summer Savory.

Scent For August

For poor memory, confusion, indecision, depression, fear, paranoia, mental stress and fatigue herbalists have long been using Basil essential oil. While studying place a few drops of basil essential oil in a candle diffuser to improve concentration and memory.  Try Balance & Focus essential oil blend while studying.

Recurring Memory Essence

This essence assists with memory recall, for example for students when taking exams, or for individuals who are having a difficult time recalling names, birthdays, etc. (It will not work with things like Alzheimer’s, because that is a physical condition).  

Written by Leilah

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