March’s Essential Oil AromaBox - Happy Oranges! How to Use Orange Essential Oils

March’s Essential Oil AromaBox - Happy Oranges! How to Use Orange Essential Oils

Oranges in a bowl

You may have guessed it! Our March AromaBox’s theme is “Happy Oranges!”

Chinese tradition says that oranges are symbols of good luck, explaining why they are traditionally given out and eaten around the Chinese New Year. Citrus is also harvested throughout March, making them a positive sign of abundance and happiness.

On top of this, oranges are delicious and have a pleasant, uplifting scent that many people love. Orange essential oils also have a huge number of benefits ranging from relieving emotional tension, encouraging positivity, promoting immune function, and benefiting oily skin, a common skin concern as we enter spring.  

We also love that citrus essential oils compliment most aromatherapy blends and are easy to add to so many other scents

Keep reading to learn more about each of the individual orange essential oils and the custom roll-on included in this month’s AromaBox, their benefits, and the different ways you can use these essential oils. 

*Please note that we recommend storing orange essential oils in your fridge to prevent oxidation. 

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Our Sweet Orange Essential Oil is fruity, fresh, and sweet-smelling. We love this cheerful scent to encourage energy movement throughout the body and to lift the spirits, especially during the dark and dreary winter months! This 100% natural and pure essential oil is vegan, vegetarian-safe, and safe for food and flavor use. 

Here are some fantastic ways you can use your Sweet Orange Essential Oil

  • Use as a pick-me-up: Add to a carrier oil, salve, or lotion and apply to your body for a sweet, bright scent that is sure to give you a mood boost! 
  • Try adding Sweet Orange Essential Oil to your cleaning products for a bright, fresh, and beautiful scent. Many people love citrus-scented cleaners, and they can make deep cleaning your kitchen or bathroom more enjoyable. Orange essential oil is also said to be especially effective for degreasing.
  • Add to a diffuser or inhale to promote a brighter, cheerier outlook and lower emotional stress, anxiety, and tension.
  • Add to a bubble bath. Looking for the ultimate, calming bubble bath experience? Pour five drops of the Sweet Essential Oil into your bubble bath blend, add to your bath water and enjoy a long soak in your bathtub. If you are experiencing tension or feeling a bit down, this may be an especially great scent for you to enjoy during your bath! 
  • Combine with other awesome essential oils. Orange Essential Oils are versatile and pair well with so many essential oils. We especially like BayBergamotCinnamonCloveCoriander essential oils with Sweet Orange Essential Oil. However, the possibilities are endless and can be tailored entirely to your personal preferences! 

Blood Orange Essential Oil

Blood Orange Essential Oil has a luscious, juicy, and tangy scent that is warmer than other Orange Essential Oils. We love the warm and radiant smell of this essential oil and love adding it to just about anything. Our Blood Orange Essential Oil is 100% natural, pure, vegan, vegetarian, and safe for food and flavor use.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use our Blood Orange Essential Oils: 

  • Improving exercise performance. A 2016 study on inhaling orange essential oils found interesting results with student athletes. The athletes who inhaled orange essential oil before working out had a noticeably faster running time and a measurable increase in lung function during their workout. So, if you enjoy brisk walking, running, or another type of workout, it may be worth inhaling Orange Essential Oil before your workout! 
  • Add to massage oil, lotion, carrier oil, salve, or soaps. Blood Orange Essential Oil is a warming, delicious scent that can give you a quick pick-me-up in the morning and help you to relax at night.  
  • Providing additional antioxidant properties. Oranges are known for their excellent antioxidant properties, so regularly using orange essential oils may be a great way to increase your antioxidants, possibly helping you reduce your risk of disease.  
  • Combine with other incredible essential oils. You’ll find that Blood Orange Essential Oil goes well with almost any other essential oil. A few that we recommend combining with Blood Orange Essential Oil include FrankincenseGeraniumGingerLemon EucalyptusGrapefruitLemon, and Marjoram.

Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild Orange is more decadent and tangier compared to the other orange essential oils in today’s box. We love using Wild Orange Essential Oil to promote an improved mood, better immune function, and for lifting the spirits during the dreary winter and sluggish spring months. Our Wild Orange Essential Oil is a 100% natural and pure essential oil that is vegan, vegetarian-safe, and safe for food and flavor use.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use our Wild Orange Essential Oils: 

  • Dilute this in your favorite carrier oil and wear it as a delightful perfume. This essential oil is a rich, tangy, and cheery perfume. 
  • Try Wild Orange Essential Oil for pain relief. A 2017 study studied people with bone fractures and the effect of inhaling orange essential oil. The group who inhaled orange essential oil reported less pain! 
  • Add to your favorite lotion, salve, or soap for a fantastic, decadent scent! 
  • Use in an essential oil diffuser for a fresh, bright, and tangy scent throughout your home. 
  • Combine with other amazing essential oils for your own custom blend. Some of our favorite combinations include PatchouliPetitgrainRosemarySandalwoodVetivert, and Ylang Ylang

Custom Roll-On: Cedarwood and Orange

For March’s AromaBox, we created a custom roll-on using Orange Essential Oil and Cedarwood Essential Oil. Cedarwood Essential Oil is traditionally used to repel insects, treat acne and oily skin, and for its pulmonary and antiseptic properties. Cedarwood may also help with greasy hair, eczema, and dandruff treatment. 

The powerful combination of cedarwood and orange may also be great as a facial treatment due to cedarwood’s anti-inflammatory properties. Try using this as a spot treatment for acne, for facial massage along the jawline, or even added into your daily moisturizer for an extra boost. 

As always, with topical use, we recommend patch testing any product in a small area first before applying to a large area of your skin to make sure that your skin reacts well first. Always avoid contact with the sensitive eye area. 

Interested in learning more about essential oils and skincare? Read our piece on the benefits of orange blossoms for skin here

We hope today’s article gave you some fun ideas for ways that you can use these amazing orange essential oils and the custom cedarwood and orange roll-on blend. 

Much Love, 

Herbalist Natalie & Herbalist Leilah

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