Couple watching the sunset surrounded by candles

The BEST Aphrodisiacs and Herbal Remedies to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Couple at sunset surrounded by candles

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many of us are planning a special night out (or in!) with our special someone or looking to give ourselves a “treat yourself” evening. 

However, stress, exhaustion, and day-to-day life can make us feel a bit blah. 

Fortunately, there are many AMAZING herbal remedies to help make your Valentine’s Day all the more memorable. Keep reading for our top recommendations for herbal remedies that’ll have you feeling the love. 

Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Women

Whether you’re feeling a bit burnt out or want extra energy for a fun date night, herbal remedies can work wonders. 

Interested in giving yourself a boost? Try these herbal remedies for women:

  • Shatavari Capsules: Shatavari is a sweet, bitter, and cooling herb that supports healthy female hormones, promoting increased fertility and decreased vaginal dryness and fatigue. This herb has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine to nourish the mind and body, making it an all-around powerhouse supplement for encouraging overall wellness and sexual health. 
  • Maca Capsules: If you’re struggling to muster up the energy for a fun evening, consider supportive Maca. It’s widely used by athletes to enhance energy levels and recommended by herbalists for supporting a healthy libido, stamina, and emotional well-being. 
  • Women’s Potency Capsules: These capsules support a healthy libido and have been traditionally used to increase sexual desire and to support the symptoms associated with vaginal dryness. A great formula made from Shatavari, blessed thistle, guarana, ashwagandha, and maca! 

Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Men 

Everyone needs a boost now and then. Whether you’re struggling with energy, libido, or stamina, these supportive options can help. 

These natural stimulants are some of our top recommendations for men looking to increase libido: 

  • Men’s Potency Capsules: This capsule is curated specifically with herbs that have been traditionally used to increase male sexual desire and libido while supporting the male sexual organs. In particular, blessed thistle helps as a supportive oxygenator, promoting better oxygen levels in the body, which are crucial for men during sex. 
  • Pros Balance Capsule: Combining saw palmetto, eleuthero, nettle root, white ginseng, and other supportive herbs, this formula is ideal for those looking to optimize male hormonal balance (especially for men over 40) and support healthy prostate function. 
  • For Men Only Extract: This potent blend contains herbs perfect for toning and strengthening male reproductive health and improving blood flow. Simply add 30 drops to a small glass of water a few times daily or as directed. 

Interested in learning more about male hormones? Read our previous article on supportive herbs for andropause, “male menopause.” 

Set The Mood with Lovely Essential Oils

Scent is a powerful sense. After all, there’s a reason that many of us apply perfume or cologne to give ourselves a boost at the beginning of the day or for a much-anticipated date night!

An easy way to incorporate scents into your plans is by diffusing romantic, sensual essential oils or mixing an essential oil into a favorite perfume, body oil, or lotion to create your signature scent. 

Some romantic scents we recommend include: 

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: A calming yet euphoric scent that is said to resemble female pheromones (perfect for a lovely night-in!). We love adding this fragrance to body and hair care products for a sensual, relaxing aroma. 
  • Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil: Jasmine stimulates confidence, creativity, and energy. It’s commonly used in perfumes and is traditionally recommended for anyone struggling with a low libido. 
  • Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil: So many of us LOVE the smell of vanilla, and for good reason. This particular vanilla scent is sensual and warm, making it a perfect aphrodisiac as it’s not too overpoweringly sweet. 
  • Aphrodite Roll-On Essential Oil: This sensual blend is perfect for a date night, or anytime you want to channel your femininity. Ylang Ylang, Ho Wood, Fir, and Sage create a beautiful fragrance that can be worn as a lovely perfume. This roll-on also comes in an oil blend that is perfect for diffusing! 
  • Adonis Essential Oil Blend: if you enjoy a citrusy, woody scent, our Adonis Essential Oil Blend is a fantastic choice. This blend is excellent for diffusing during a date night or wearing as a cologne, making it a great gift idea.  This roll-on also comes in an oil blend that is great in a diffuser!

Stimulating Foods & Drinks

Looking for an easy way to incorporate aphrodisiacs into your special Valentine’s Day dinner or regular date nights? 

Consider these energizing and lovey-dovey drinks: 

  • Make Love Tea: The ultimate aphrodisiac drink! Honeybush, rooibos, raspberry, damiana leaf, ashwagandha, yohimbe and other love-promoting herbs combined with semi-sweet chocolate chips make this a fantastic drink to share with your loved one. 
  • Damiana Tea: The ancient Mayans and Aztecs used this secret beverage to promote increased arousal — a perfect drink for your Valentine’s Day dinner. 
  • Chocolate Orange Black Tea: Nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like Belgian chocolate. This tea combines mouthwatering Belgian chocolate notes with Spanish oranges and black tea to encourage joy and energy. 
  • Mushroom Hot Chocolate - Om Mushrooms: Cozy up with a rich, warm cup of this relaxing, antioxidant-rich hot chocolate. Nootropics like Lion’s Mane and Reishi support vibrant health, relaxation, and increased focus — all things we want to feel when connecting with our partner.  

As for the meal itself, there are so many options, but here are some of the classic aphrodisiac food choices:

  • Chocolate (of course!) 
  • Strawberries or berries
  • Oysters
  • Coffee (or anything caffeinated like a luscious black tea)
  • Honey
  • Artichokes
  • Nuts (particularly hazelnuts and almonds)
  • Pomegranate
  • Red wine
  • Avocado (smooth, creamy, and bursting with energy-promoting vitamins) 
  • Figs 
  • Spicy foods (Turn up the heat literally!) 


We hope this article inspires you to have fun on Valentine’s Day, whether with someone special or a lovely treat yourself night in! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Herbalist Natalie & Herbalist Leilah


Natalie Hajdu-Voakes is a consulting Herbalist with over 27 years of hands-on experience and the owner of The Herb Stop. 
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