Autumn Cleansing with herbs

Autumn Season Cleanse

Autumn Cleansing with herbs

At each change of season it is wise to undertake a “cleanse”. Throughout the ages people have always cleansed in spring and autumn to eliminate toxins. Even today, many European people go on a “grape-fast” in the fall. They eat and drink grapes for three days or more to cleanse and alkalize the blood, and to detoxify the liver and kidneys. Grapes assist the body in burning fat, while keeping blood sugar from falling too low. (A grape-fast is not recommended for Diabetics).

If you are interested in doing a cleanse in the fall, you may want to do it in three stages. The first stage begins with a good blood cleansing tea that contains red clover. Drink three cups a day between meals. After about two weeks, take colon cleansing herbs (stage two) for a few days. Stage three consists of eliminating excess mucous from the body. After this cleansing program, along with a health building diet and exercise, you will feel like a new person and of course you are!

Blood Cleansers

Red Clover

Red clover is the best blood cleanser I know of. It clears the skin of blemishes, eliminates uric acid and heavy metals, dissolve tumors, and much more. Because red clover is high in minerals it is extremely helpful for nervous energy due to mineral deficiency.


Dandelion is not a weed! It is a highly recognized nutritious and blood cleansing herb. It increases elimination through the liver as well as the kidneys, without depleting potassium. It is appropriate for long-term use for water retention and weight loss.


I have seen many people resolve their chronic skin problems with yellowdock, especially psoriasis, eczema and acne. This is a good blood cleanser as well as liver detoxifier. 

Colon Cleansers


Buckthorn cleanses the colon by stimulating the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder, which increases peristalsis.  Buckthorn does not gripe and is actually calming to the digestive system.


Triphala is famous for cleansing the entire GI tract, supporting digestion and gently maintaining regularity.  It is also used to support weight management, improve the complexion and strengthen the urinary tract. Dr. Vasant Lad, a very well respected ayurvedic physician says that triphala can rebuild and heal the entire digestive system if taken over a period of one year.

Anticatarrhal (herbs that eliminate mucous from the body)


Cayenne is measured in BTU’s (British Thermal Units) or HU (Heat Units). The higher the number, the more intense it is. Cayenne increases digestion and blood circulation. These hot fruits can clean mucous out of the body very effectively. Just smell a little cayenne and see how much mucous comes out of your nose!


Any fruit from the citrus family cleanses mucous out of the body. But, to be effective anticatarrhals, they must be consumed alone. It is best to take your fresh lemon juice or grapefruit in an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Wait for about 30 minutes to eat your breakfast. Even though citruses are acid, they alkalize the body, IF taken alone.


This sweet herb is a great mucous cleanser, especially when hardened. Licorice liquefies mucous! It has a soothing influence upon gastric mucosa, an excellent remedy for peptic and duodenal ulcerations and chronic constipation.

Caution: Do not consume large quantities in cases of heart conditions, because it creates water retention and elevates blood pressure.

Additionally, The Herb Stop has selected the following herbal formulas to strengthen and cleanse your body:

Decelleration Tea

In autumn I like to drink this powerful cleansing tea daily for about two weeks to deeply strengthen and support the purifying organs (liver, kidneys and lymphatic system) to be more efficient in eliminating built up toxins. What I like about this tea is that it does not create havoc in my body such as fatigue, irritability, skin reactions, etc., not like many cleansing and detox herbal formulas do. This tea actually gives me energy and activates my metabolism. Therefore, my body becomes more efficient in both absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins. Many people do not realize that it takes a lot of energy to cleanse and detox the body, therefore do not cleanse and detox when you are low in energy, weak or ill!

Refresh, rejuvenate and cleanse your body with Decelleration Tea as many people we know have done. A dentist once told me that Herb Stop’s Decelleration Tea had removed built up mercury as well as other metals in his body within three weeks. (He confirmed this statement to me with lab reports.)

All Season Cleanse Tea

This is a mineral rich green and pleasant-tasting tea with just a hint of bitterness to stimulate and support the liver. The herbs in All Season Cleanse Tea are known to eliminate toxins which have accumulated in the colon.

Liver Clear

Want to do something nice for your liver? A healthy liver promotes a healthy body! Liver Clear is an herbal formula known to remove impurities from the body. 

Colon Tonic

According to the Chinese healing system (TCM), if the colon is too congested, the lungs take over the overload of toxins. By cleansing the colon you liberate the lungs and the entire respiratory system of accumulated mucous. Traditionally, Colon Tonic has been used by people to cleanse the digestive system, and to stimulate peristalsis for chronic constipation of long duration.

Parasite Cleanse

In her book, “Cure for all Cancers”, Dr. Hulda Clark encourages people to use black walnut, clove and wormwood to effectively treat parasites, intestinal worms, fungus, as well as candida, ringworm, canker sores, herpes and boils. For your convenience, we have blended the above herbs into one easy to take formula, Parasite Cleanse

All Season Tonic

Are you tired, have a sluggish digestion and lazy elimination? All Seasons Tonic is designed to energize your digestive system and to flush out built-up waste and unfriendly bacteria.

Let’s get ready for an autumn cleanse, because a clean body has a better chance of fighting colds, flu and viral infections.

 Written by Leilah

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