Woman with red hair in Autumn

Fall Zodiac Signs: Strengths, Struggles, and Herbal Remedies For Balancing Your Astrological Sign

Woman with red hair in autumn

Autumn is a time of change, harvest, abundance, and balance. The trees are changing, temperatures are dropping, and even the sun begins receding earlier in the day, creating shorter days and longer nights. As such, the autumn zodiac signs are more inwardly focused, often seeking increased balance, wisdom, and reflection. Autumn signs are also known to be highly concerned about the welfare of others and the community around them, making them versatile individuals. 

The autumn zodiac signs are Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Even if your sun sign is a different zodiac sign, you likely have some of the autumn zodiac signs scattered throughout your chart, or you may have a loved one with dominant autumn signs in their chart. Keep reading to learn more about each of the autumn signs, their strengths and weaknesses, and herbal remedies to support and balance their sign. 

P.S. If you’re not familiar with your entire birth chart, we recommend checking out your free horoscope here, which gives a better overall understanding and look at your entire personality. 


September 23rd - October 22nd

Your Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Common Libra strengths: 

  • Social 
  • Active
  • Loving
  • Romantic
  • Balance-seeking
  • Known as the “life of the party,” people
  • Intellectual 
  • Fair
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creative 

Common Libra weaknesses: 

  • Avoids conflict at all cost
  • Tends to put themselves last
  • Prone to burn out

Libra individuals are known for their brilliant, creative, and sharp minds. Like “The Scales” symbol that represents Libras, Libra people are great at balance, creating harmony through communication with others, and have a keen eye for weighing both sides of the argument. They are also big fans of trying new things and can become bored quickly. 

Libras typically have a healthy and hardy disposition that allows them to tolerate poor lifestyle choices, such as a large amount of junk food, over many years. Unfortunately, this can catch up with them eventually, often in the form of impaired kidney function. Other common Libra health problems include skin problems, issues with the urinary system, and lower back problems. 

We recommend the following Libra herbal remedies to support your harmonious, brilliant nature: 

  • Libra Tea: Libra Tea supports a Libra’s mind and body with delicious ingredients, like chocolate honeybush tea and banana rooibos tea, which help support your potassium levels and kidneys. Nettles, cornsilk, and goldenrod help soothe the Libra’s more delicate urinary system. Lastly, linden and cornflowers provide additional flavor and support the Libran's lively, vibrant, and loving nature.  
  • Libra Roll-On Oil Blend - The Balancer: This Libra essential oil blend is created with a delightful combination of organic orange, peppermint, rosemary, and spearmint essential oil in a stunning base of organic golden jojoba oil. We recommend massaging this blend into your pulse points and mid to low back for added support. 
  • Libra - The Balancer Essential Oil Kit: Another excellent choice for supporting yourself! This kit includes Rosemary Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, and the Libra The Balancer Roll-On. It also contains a double-sided brochure with tips for optimally using each oil. 


October 23rd - November 21st

Your Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Mars

Common Scorpio strengths: 

  • Magnetic
  • Sensual 
  • Instinctual 
  • Strategic
  • Intense
  • Deep thinkers
  • Creative
  • Comfortable with change and unpredictability
  • Bold
  • Courageous

Common Scorpio weaknesses: 

  • Easily jealous
  • Aggressive
  • Struggles to trust others
  • Can be vindictive

Scorpios have a strong reputation, which isn’t surprising considering their motto is “If you can’t do it with 110% intensity and passion, then I’ll pass.” Despite this reputation, Scorpios are incredibly magnetic and give off a passionate vitality many envy. Scorpios are most successful when they have creative freedom and can use their incredible deep thinking and bold nature to their fullest. 

Regarding their health, Scorpios tend to struggle with problems in the urinary and reproductive systems. They are also known to have issues with their sex organs and glandular system. Mentally, they may struggle to rest and relax due to their intense nature. 

We recommend the following Scorpio herbal remedies to support your passionate nature:  

  • Scorpio Tea: Our Scorpio Tea has a delicious Cherry Rose Rooibos base, giving the tea a sensual, passionate vibe. Damiana, ashwagandha, and roses are included in this tea to support reproductive health, desire, and love. We’ve also included ginkgo to support the Scorpio’s intense nature and balance it with support for their mental focus and circulation. Lastly, we included blessed thistle to support liver health and oxygenation for the creative Scorpian. 
  • Scorpio Roll-On Oil Blend - The Sensual: Scorpios are passionate, vibrant individuals. Our roll-on supports their desires with a gorgeous blend of nutmeg, rose geranium, black pepper, coriander, and cocoa absolute in organic golden jojoba oil. Massage this blend into your pulse points and sacral area for the best results. 
  • Scorpio - The Sensual Essential Oil Kit: Our Scorpio Essential Oil Kit includes everything a Scorpio needs to thrive! It contains Cardamom Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Coriander Essential Oil, and our Scorpio The Sensual Roll-On. 


November 22nd - December 21st

Your Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Common Sagittarius strengths: 

  • Adventurous 
  • Creative
  • Expansive
  • Hard-working 
  • Colorful 
  • Adaptive
  • Independent
  • Philosophically inclined
  • Straightforward

Common Sagittarius weaknesses: 

  • Prone to being too idealistic
  • May act too spontaneously without regard for the consequences of their actions
  • Moody

Sagittarius individuals are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, making Sagittarians a highly expansive, creative-minded individual. These individuals play hard and work even harder. You’ll rarely find a Sagittarius sitting still because they love to stay active and be free to pursue their dreams. Many Sagittarians have a penchant for business and sports, likely due to their natural risk-taking, competitive, and driven nature. 

Sagittarians are more prone to issues with thighs, hips, and the sacral region of their spine. They may also struggle with liver problems, especially if they burn the candle at both ends too much. Mentally, Sagittarius individuals can be unpredictable and moody, so they may benefit from herbal remedies that soothe their wired nervous system. 

We recommend the following Sagittarius herbal remedies to support your colorful, fiery personality: 

  • Sagittarius Tea: Our Sagitarrius Tea contains coffee-flavored rooibos tea, which is tasty and stimulating to keep you active and adventurous. The vanilla honeybush helps soothe the moody and volatile nature of the Sagittarian, while ginkgo encourages strong mental function. Fo-Ti, also known as the “Elixir of Life,” is a rejuvenating ingredient added to support the liver. Lastly, feverfew and blue cornflower support a calm, more graceful presence. 
  • Sagittarius Roll-On Oil Blend - The Adventurous: Our Sagitarrius Roll-On Oil Blend supports an active Sagitarrian with black spruce, clove, orange, vanilla, and cinnamon essential oils in a lovely base of pure golden jojoba oil. We recommend massaging this into the hips, low back, and pulse points for a boost. 
  • Sagittarius - The Adventurous Essential Oil Kit: Our Sagittarius Essential Oil Kit contains everything the spontaneous Sagittarian needs, including allspice, clove, and organic sweet orange essential oil. We’ve also included our amazing Sagittarius The Adventurous Roll-On! 

Stay tuned for our upcoming Winter Zodiac Signs piece, which will complete this series! If you missed them, check out our Spring Zodiac Signs and Summer Zodiac Signs articles. 

Well Wishes, 

Natalie & Leilah 

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